About NZPA

The New Zealand Parking Association, (NZPA) formerly known as New Zealand Association of Parking Enforcement Authorities (NZPEA) was established in 1983.
Membership includes:

  • Local Authorities,
  • Airport authorities,
  • Car park owners and operators,
  • Trade Suppliers; and
  • Training providers.


The Association continues to expand with new members from related industries. 
While the NZ Parking Association is New Zealand based, there are also Australian members.


Why belong to the NZPA?

  • Access to VIP Parking section of the NZPA website for legal opinions relevant to the industry and Case Studies
  • Influence with decision makers including Government
  • Forum for networking/contact and discussion with other professionals
  • Knowledge of Industry news, views and technical advice and support
  • Opportunities for networking, exhibiting new industry products and training
  • Access to the latest trade information and products
  • Employment opportunities


How to Join the NZPA ?

If you have an interest in joining the New Zealand Parking Association please complete the
membership application form by clicking here:

JOIN NZ PARKING FORM and email to AssociationInfo@nzparking.com

We will send you further information on how to join along with membership entitlements.


Can anyone join the NZPA?

Membership is available to professionals currently involved in the New Zealand parking industry.
The association at present consists of any public company, local authority, government department, private organisation or any individual/organisation that supports the aims or objectives of the NZPA.


Is a list of NZPA members available?    

Yes - This list is available to NZPA members only.


The Association is here to provide support to members

The network of nationwide members provides a wealth of experience for problem sharing.  

Trade exhibitors provide up-to-date industry knowledge and technological trends for the efficient enforcement of parking. 

Training providers ensure that Councils have the opportunity to ensure that their employees are trained to a professional level.


Members have access to information

Information is available from the New Zealand Motor Vehicle Register and the CCS NZ Operation Mobility Card Register.  This information is vital for operational procedures.

The Parking Association is governed by its constitution and rules and has an Executive Committee that works closely with Government representatives to ensure that changes in legislation are accurate and enforceable.       

It is essential that members are aware of their obligations to enforce the statutes and law accurately. 

Members are kept up to date with law changes, technological trends, practices and procedures.

Annual NZPA Conference

The annual NZPA Conference allows Council representatives and Trade Suppliers the opportunity to network with other members.  

Speakers are sourced to present topics that are informative and beneficial to members.  Changes in legislation are reviewed and discussed; and members have the opportunity to ask questions of the speakers and other exhibitors.  

Trade exhibitors have the opportunity to display and promote their products and services.


What issues do the NZPA comment on to the media?

Whilst the NZPA is pleased to comment on any of the issues listed below, we do not provide comment on individual parking cases.

Parking industry related issues such as:

  • on-street parking enforcement
  • car park safety
  • training
  • raising standards within the industry 
  • the role of parking in traffic management
  • industry practices, including contract issues
  • abuse towards those working in the parking industry


Does the NZPA hold any parking statistics?

We do not gather or hold parking statistics. To find such data you can try contacting the individual Local Authorities or Land Transport New Zealand

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